An introduction to the analysis of the music in jurassic park

Similarities Between Dinosaurs and Birds Much of the foreshadowing early in the novel revolves around the concept that dinosaurs are related to birds. The Theme as a Whole As a whole, the theme is somewhat unusual in that it uses the same melodic material throughout—it never diverges from that neighbor note motive I mentioned above.

In other words, when the accompaniment sounds a note, the melody also sounds one at the same time: The themes progress slowly and monotonously between movie sets, hence creating an atmosphere of awe.

In addition, the entire theme is divided into two large and similar halves, each of which each of which builds in intensity towards its end or cadence. Bobbie looks up the word in two dictionaries and finds the definitions "abductor" and "bird of prey. In the recording above, they are actually singing from 1: A real song with words at this point in the film of course would have been a distraction from the dialogue.

This kind of rhythmic alignment between melody and accompaniment creates a very chordal texture that is evocative of a hymn. When Nedry chooses his moment to do his dirty work for the Biosyn company, the others are left helpless.

The random nature of the instruments used results to a high quality composition. For one thing, it moves almost entirely in scale steps of a second and small leaps of a third: As noted above, the theme begins in a mid to low register. John Williams Themes, Part 5 of 6: This melody is also written in a very singable way.

What techniques does he use to give us the sense of awe and wonder that we feel with this scene? This occurred just ten years before the predicted turn-of-the-millennium "Y2K" computer glitch that had computer technicians and information technology professionals across the globe bracing for disaster.

He persuades the graduate-student geneticist Wu not to consider a career in research at a university. But an orchestral piece written in a vocal style lends the music a beauty that, in this particular scene, we associate with seeing the brachiosaur for the first time.

It can therefore be seen that underlying the fast-paced action in Jurassic Park is a serious theme: They stare in amazement at the creature, unable to comprehend how such a thing is even possible. Williams seems to have accentuated his compositions with textural effects of creepiness lingering at a distance Oala par.

The same applies, according to Hammond, in the field of computer science. So we are completely focused on the same musical idea, just as we are completely focused on the sight of the brachiosaur. As the novel shows, this unpredictability of behavior will elude even the most high-tech computer systems.

Also with each phrase there is a louder dynamic, more rhythmic activity, and more instruments added to the texture. He insists to Wu that the future lies with private laboratories that can get on with their work unfettered by the red tape that accompanies any application for funding or new research projects at universities.

Williams seems to have organized his musical bits in the way that breaks into constant regularity. Themes The Potential Dangers of Technology Hammond, in an attempt to increase efficiency and save money, wants Jurassic Park to be able to operate with a minimal number of staff.

This reference to the hymn style suggests an experience that is not only positive, but profound—certainly an appropriate sentiment for the characters onscreen. There is also the fact that most of the melody uses relatively slow rhythms compared to, say, the busy accompaniment figures one sometimes hears running behind the melody.

This shows the vulnerability of any high-tech operation to computer failure and human error or sabotage. Jurassic Park was written inamid the fever of the information age when seemingly the whole world was suddenly interested in computerizing.

Even from their first observations of the animals, Grant and Sattler are immediately surprised at how deftly the dinosaurs move. In this post, my film music analysis will take a close look at the construction of the latter theme.


A strand of DNA is so long and complex that, even with the aid of a computer, it is difficult to decipher and comprehend in totality. Melody The melody to this theme is based largely on a simple three-note motive: And in fact minor chords are banished altogether, leaving the music with a warmly positive sound.

Only when Malcolm, with his human rather than artificial intelligence, points out that they are asking the wrong question of the computer does the truth come out. It is easy for one to get the perception that Williams had made a point of venturing into the creation of a new and textural world for Jurassic Park.John Williams Themes, Part 5 of 6: Theme from Jurassic Park — 6 Comments Marcus on May 28, at pm said: The character John Hammond (the genius behind Jurassic Park) and the composer John Williams (the genius behind the music of Jurassic Park) look very similar.

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Introduction: "The InGen Incident" Main article Jurassic Park (novel) The chapter Introduction: "The InGen Incident" shows a basic description on the time period, as well as an eerie cliffhanger like opening to the novel Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

Plot A brief review of the history of Date ??-??: Time,? Michael Crichton's 'Jurassic Park' is a thrilling science fiction novel that touches on themes such as man vs.

Music Analysis: John Williams’ “Theme from Jurassic Park” essay

nature, technology, and power. In this lesson, we will analyze each of these themes. A summary of Themes in Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Jurassic Park and what it means.

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An introduction to the analysis of the music in jurassic park
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