An overview of the different cultures and the possibility for a cultural shock

The Frustration Stage Frustration may be the most difficult stage of culture shock and is probably familiar to anyone who has lived abroad or who travels frequently.

Over a billion people crammed into a country sized for about million. I was on my way to an old age home where I do not speak the language and am constantly overwhelmed at the destitution among these abandoned people.

Culture shock is a common phenomenon and, though it may take months to develop, it often affects travelers and people living far from home in unexpected ways. And yes, that brought peace of mind, no more judgement or coming to my own conclusions.

Culture attacks are hellish. Cultural adjustment consistently occurs in a series of distinct phases, each with specific characteristics. Adjustment[ edit ] Again, after some time usually 6 to 12 monthsone grows accustomed to the new culture and develops routines. Cambridge University Press I stayed in touch with my family and friends but also worked on making friends here in the U.

No one lets you open a door, carry your own bag, stand, or do all the things you are used to doing on your own. Small things — losing keys, missing the bus or not being able easily order food in a restaurant — may trigger frustration.

Is that a yes or no? Suddenly, one finds oneself unable to understand, communicate, and function effectively. This is called cultural assimilation. I also came to know good public transport only exists in the biggest of cities in the U.

Honeymoon[ edit ] During this period, the differences between the old and new culture are seen in a romantic light. Frustration gives way to irritability, depression, and other symptoms of culture shock.

Module 2: Overview of Cultural Adjustment and Culture Shock

The traveler will not only be more comfortable with the host culture but also feel a part of it, becoming, in essence, bicultural. These are simple isolated experiences of cultural differences that leave an impression on us.

How do you tell your mother about the time when you got out your car and threatened to kill the motorcyclist who pulled out in front of you?

Two Kinds of Culture Shock

One becomes concerned with basic living again, and things become more "normal". It is often referred to as the bicultural stage. When I feel homesick I usually have a long Skype chat with family or friends back home. Trash on the streets, overflowing garbage bins, litter on the beaches, red stains from pan spitting, public urination — it can be overwhelming.

The transition may be unnoticeable; the recovery phase comprises a gradual adjustment to the new environment. Horns blare constantly, and bikes dart in and out of traffic as if they are trying to get into an accident.

Like most honeymoon periods, this stage eventually ends.U.S. Culture & Culture Shock; Remember that adaptation is part of the fun of experiencing a new culture.

The U.S. is home to people from all different cultures and nationalities. Each group has its own background, customs and values, which form what we call American culture. That's what cultural exchange is all about.

You will discover. arise between people from different cultures. CULTURAL STEREOTYPES Numerous studies, including the model used above, have been done to identify specific characteristics that and depression, etc. Falling victim to culture shock, in other words, does not imply the existence of any psychological or emotional shortcomings on your.

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Culture shock

Living in a new culture can cause strong emotions or feelings. The new culture is strange to you. Role Play: Do one scenario in two different cultures, to show the difference between them.

Practice in pairs or groups and then present the role play to the group. Culture shock is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one's own; international students often feel anxious and feel more pressure while adjusting to new cultures—even more so when the cultural distances are wide.

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Exactly what I needed. Write up the following different stages of culture shock in a random order on the board: acceptance, adaptation, honeymoon, shock, re-entry shock.

Do you think you are open to different ideas and different cultures? Would you go and live in a different country if you spoke the cultural memories.

The 4 Stages of Culture Shock

You almost feel like a stranger in your.

An overview of the different cultures and the possibility for a cultural shock
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