Animal testing is animal cruelty essay

A number of the scientists even clean the cages while the animals are still in it, the rules states every animal has to be properly taken out their cage for cleaning. That is the Animal testing is animal cruelty essay of testing that is right, because there is no abuse or any unnecessary procedures.

Cruelty in Animal Testing!

One way of doing this is using natural substances as the raw materials for products being developed. From this point, scientists record the damage that they observed. The pain they go through for no beneficial reason is ridiculous S. Stokes, said in a statement that his group "has successfully reviewed over test methods" and that the four alternatives it has endorsed "have significantly reduced the number of animals required for safety assessments, and provided for improved welfare of animals used in safety evaluations.

The second reason this is unnecessary to do to a rabbit is that the eye tissue of a rabbit is completely different from humans. BY L0te93 Hobbes, the cat, has been under experimentation for most of his life if not all of it.

These are not, by any means, all of the animals that they use. The dogs and cats are going crazy being present in a small space for days, some animals even caught going around in circles. Five weeks of this experiment made Britches go insane; he suffered spasms and gripping himself.

Using animals in medical research clearly violates their basic rights and it is not fair to subject them to something that no human would be subjected to.

First of t is pointless to keep the product in their eyes tor that long ot a peri od. Scientists inject Botox into mice until they find the right amount of dose, which kills half of the mice Gaul, Gilbert M.

Some companies, like Clairol, demand that they do not use animal testing on their shampoo product, Herbal Essences. I am glad that they feel about animal testing as I do, because cruelty is what the other companies are doing and animals are dying for no reasons.

This is not science. Many cosmetics and personal care lines are made every year and put into the market after being tested on defenseless animals.

Why Animal Testing Is Animal Cruelty

Several dogs were even found dead in their cages, cats were bleeding from the mouth, the experimenters would not use proper CPR with the animals were not breathing, they would just pop them in the chest. If this was an actual human going through this deadly experiment, people would be in shock nd absolutely forbid it.

In these tests, a poisonous substance is introduced in the eyes of the rabbit and then the researchers observe the cornea to see how the tissue in and around the eye will be affected by the substance.

It is wrong to view animals as our experimentation tools. Animal testing started many years ago to help provide humans with information. Add here incase to no mo Britches, the monkey, was born to a loving mother until he was torn away from her to this cold lab in University of California at Riverside.

The makers of Herbal Essences are about to force shampoo down his tiny throat to see what happens to its organs. A good example of such a test is the draize tests, which are typically performed on rabbits.

This is probably the last time that he will ever have to be experimented on again. The Animal Welfare Act is to assure the health of humane care and the anagement of dogs, cats and other certain animals that are used for research and experimentation.

For example, the Draize Test is used on white albino rabbits S. They had his eyes sewn shut and a sonar device attach to this head.

Animal testing has been going on many years, and some laws and regulations have been passed, but some is just not enough; no one pays attention to the Animal Welfare Act. Scientist wants to find a cure for it, so people think they use technology to find it right, no they are wrong they use animals.

After he was put in a steel cage all alone force to adapt to new life with no sight. Many of the abbits end up breaking their necks trying to escape from the horrifying pain.

Why do companies even agree with animal experimentation? The only difference is they shampoo their own dogs to see how it smells after being cleaned off with water. My first point why animal testing is a morally wrong process is because of some of the brutal things that happen in the process.

Before Botox is sent to the world it goes through some animal tests, and it is the same test that has been used for years. What is wrong with this picture? Most toxic products are tested on different animals.Animal Testing.

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How to start; Example of introduction; Example of thesis; Body writing tips; Example of body paragraphs; Conclusion writing tips; Example of conslusion; How to start an essay. When writing an essay about animal testing, one of the basic rules one has to work with is planning.

Nov 19,  · Included: animal testing essay opinion essay content. Preview text: The way I look at animal testing is a form hateful cruelty. None of these people care about if it hurts or kills the animals. Cruelty Towards Animals Essay. concept is animal cruelty. Animal cruelty simply means cruel unwarranted treatment of animals.

Such treatment generally has a single point program - to subject animals and sometimes pets to unnecessary harm and pain. Animal Cruelty Essay Examples. Exposing Animal Cruelty in the Pain of Animals by Dr. David Suzuki. words. 2 pages. Stopping Animal Testing and Vivisection by Passing a Bill against Animal Cruelty.

An Argument Against Animal Testing and Animal Cruelty in the United States. 1, words. It’s easy to say you’re either for or against animal testing, but you can’t write an effective persuasive essay about the topic without evidence to support your opinion. Use these animal testing articles to help support your persuasive essay.

Choosing Appropriate Animal Testing Articles. Dangerous animal testing Vioxx, a drug used to treat arthritis, was found to be safe when tested in monkeys (and five other animal species) but has been estimated to have caused aroundheart attacks and strokes anddeaths worldwide.

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Animal testing is animal cruelty essay
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