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They grew corn, tobacco, squash, and beans, which they used to trade with others. The company split into two groups in July offollowing two different routes eastward after crossing the main divide of the Bitterroot Mountains from what is now Idaho into present-day Montana.

Lewis and Clark had been ordered to treat the natives in a friendly manner but not to take any unnecessary risks. Ten years later historian and editor Reuben Gold Thwaites edited the original journals found by Coues, undertaking the monumental task of transcribing the journals verbatim.

They also rode on horses or walked on foot. On May 14,the journey began in St. They were instructed to notify the Indians of the new sovereignty of the United States under the terms of the Louisiana Purchase.

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Both Lewis and Clark selected members of the company with great deliberation. The Corps told the tribe their plans of leaving but Yellepitt asked them to stay one more night and they agreed to.

Hoping to open trade with the Indians and with traders on the Pacific Coast from Europe and the Orient, Jefferson was adamant in his goal of finding a Clark essay expedition lewis route across the continent.

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By the nominally weak Spain feared that it could not hold Louisiana and secretly signed the Treaty of San Ildefonso, which ceded the colony back to the French. The captains did, however, ultimately provide the world with the first maps of a previously uncharted landscape and succeeded in helping to open the western frontier to settlers.

Though the official version, supported by Jefferson, was that Lewis had killed himself, it has never been entirely proven whether his wounds were self-inflicted or whether they constituted murder.

Sacajawea, who gave birth to a son during the winter ofproved invaluable to the expedition for her help in serving as a liaison between the company and various Indian tribes. The second part, from spring of to April,records the mile trip north to the Mandan villages.

However the leader, Yelleppit, made them promise to return to the village on their way back. According to Nebrakas Studies, one area that President Jefferson was interested in was the discovery of the vast hidden geographical features that most people in the world were not aware of Nebrakas Studies.

The Americans wanted to open the door to diplomatic relations and gain access to trading rights with the Indians too. His first exploration mission was to find the source of Mississippi River, and the second exploration was for exploration of the regions surrounding the Arkansas and Red Rivers he first exploration by Zebulon Pike started in August Because of them willing to stay the tribe gave them horses, food, canoes, and valuable information about the next place they wanted to go.

They provided valuable information about the topography, the biological sciences, the ecology, and ethnic and linguistic studies of the American Indian.

When he came to his conclusion about who the leader would be, he had picked Meriwether Lewis, whom was a good friend. In late March,they began their return trip. Both Lewis and Clark signed and sealed the treaty. In lateLewis and Clark rented a room in St. Born in in Virginia, Jefferson had long believed that the west would one day be populated by Americans.

Their journey was hard because they were forced to travel up the Missouri River. The main reason for this was to try and open up new trade routes and diplomatic ties between Europe, North and South America.

Lewis performed most the astronomical duties and Clark charted the course and drafted expedition maps. On their journey they drew maps and made friends with Indians and described them and their ways of living.

It is also noted that there was a time when they explorers got lost and had to retrace their steps before finding the correct path. By mid-July,having restarted their journey in the spring, they had reached the headwaters of the Missouri and had begun the laborious western trek over the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Idaho border.

Jefferson desperately looked for a leader whom he could trust to lead the expedition. Many of the times during their encounter the Corps were stolen form and they were given unreasonable prices for food.

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By the fall of the company had reached the Columbia River, which they then followed through present-day Oregon and Washington down to the Pacific Coast, which they reached on November 14th. Another mile stone of the expedition was the publication of the first literature detailing the life style of the West, they are known as Lewis and Clark Diaries which included details of major rivers and mountains found in the west.

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Lewis and Clark Essay. Congress approve $2, for an exploratory expedition west. Once Congress approved the funds for the expedition, President Jefferson chose Captain Meriwether Lewis.

Essay about The Lewis and Clark Expedition These diseases included boils, dysentery, frost bite, appendicitis, tooth aches, mouth sores, cholera, and many more. The only person to die on the expedition was Sergeant Charles Floyd, and he passed away with appendicitis.

Free Essay: This paper will explain why Lewis and Clark are two of the greatest explorers in American history.

Some of the distinguishing factors of these.  The Expedition of Lewis and Clark Anthony Price 1/13/14 NIC History Long before Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States he had aspirations to know what was beyond the Mississippi River. The purchase of the Louisiana Territory from the French in opened the door to President Jefferson’s opportunity to send explorers across the continent.

During their expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Met and Encountered many different Indian tribes.

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Since Lewis and Clark met so many tribes they Lewis and Clark Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. July 17, Sample Essays.

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During their expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Met and Encountered many different Indian tribes.

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