College party ideas

Party goers must show up in " Anything But Clothes ". Your college graduate deserves a big celebration for their academic accomplishments.

Print and show off old photos and make a timeline from when the grad was younger until now. Pretty cool idea, just take it slow and pace yourself.

Top 20 Best College Party Themes and Ideas

Rags to Riches - You dress up in rags or riches and at first you sit outside and drink cheap beer. This is a really cool party theme to do in the winter. Design the sentiment on a sleek metal print or a framed canvas print and place it where everyone will be able to enjoy it.

It also makes guys dress up too. Casino Night - Bring out the gambling addict and the party animal in everyone. They each get a partner, one person is hall monitor and gives out detentions, one person is principal and you get sent to the office if you get detention.

You should also be sure to send out graduation thank you cards with the proper wording to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Bikers and Babes - No, not the mountain biking kind. Utilize sand boxes as snack holders, which makes the theme a little more playful. People come in swim attire and a keg is usually brought in.

Click anywhere below to have details on what to wear, costume ideas and more for your next College Party Theme! Bonus if you bring in sand for this one. You can easily find grad party supplies with graduation quotes and sayings.

College Party Themes

Dress up as an icon from the 80s: What a fun look back on everything your special young scholar has accomplished. Club - Girls will enjoy any type of club atmosphere where dancing is involved.

For some more celebratory toppers, you can easily find graduation caps to stand on your sweet treats. Graduating from college is no easy task and requires tons of hard work and determination. People love the Hawaiian vibe.

16 Easy Yet Unpredictable College Theme Party Ideas

With enough planning, most of these can be adapted for any social event. We hope you enjoy these college graduation party ideas just as much as we do. One problem most people have when trying to choose a College Party Theme is finding one that they are interested in, thankfully; this is where we come into play!

Confessing your sins the next day If your graduate has committed to an employer after graduation, why not celebrate where they will be next?

Balloons are a graduation party must-have! College Themed Parties give all the girls something to do along with dressing up all slutty and sexy for one fun night that they will remember! Hang banners around the venue and incorporate stars for a little extra detail. Duct Tape, plastic bags, towel, cardboard box, etc.

After deciding on a theme, it will be easier for you to go out and find party supplies, themed food, desserts, pick out the proper graduation invitation wording and more. Use your imagination here: If he or she has just graduated from nursing school, you can go with a red colored theme. Mardi Gras - Beads being tossed, shirts going up and liquor going down, this is always a wild one.

If we didnt include something or you have a suggestion, contact us and wed love to add it into our growing college party themes list! Hang bright banners around the location of your party and go crazy with the desserts.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to celebrate the bittersweet ending of this chapter.

Flashlight Party

Gold and silver are the perfect colors to use when decorating for a glitz and glam themed college graduation party. Go ahead and add some red, orange and yellow balloons in there as well to complete the look with hot hues. These are even better during cold winters. Shower Party - You can throw a shower party if you have College party ideas huge shower room with lots of showers Greek houses.

Fill clear glasses with sand and add candles for the perfect beach-y centerpieces.4. The college party scene. Miami University / Facebook. Whether you become involved or not, it will affect your college experience.

Maybe your roommate is a big partier, or maybe you just see some random girl stumbling up the stairs. Be kind and ready to help your peers if you don't participate, and if you do, BE SAFE.

Sick of the same old ABC and toga parties every weekend at college? Check out these creative college party themes and unpredictable ideas. So you're in charge of planning a major college party. Find 25 college party themes that can work (if not rock) on any college campus.

People often say that years spent in college were the best years of their life. If that is true, than it certainly isn’t because of the exams and courses they took, but most probably because of the parties they attended. College parties just wouldn’t be the same if students never threw theme parties!

Theme parties give all the college girls a good excuse to dress up sexy and slutty for a fun night ahead. On the other hand, theme parties are the necessity that forces guys to.

Find college graduation party supplies and themes to celebrate the new grad. Shop for college graduation tableware and graduation decorations, organized by school.

College party ideas
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