Demerits of present education system in india

He is given to understand that, in due course, the examinations are the sole determinants of his future life.

Present Education System in India

Self help books and biographies of successful persons should be a part of the syllabus. The system of examinations compels them to this direction. Mid Day Meal These two schemes targets mainly children coming from poor economic background.

Yet another demerit could be attirbuted to the lack of flexibility in choosing courses of ones intererst. In a period of 10 years, P will be having the same income as he does not possess human capital.

The total literacy percentage in India is The really critical aspect of Indian public education system is its low quality. Suggestions Some suggestions for improvement in the system of education are as under: What the government is not realising right now is that education which is a source of human capital can create wide income inequalities.

Education System in India; Govt's role, advantages, disadvantages

Students are not being taught why they are learning the particular subjects and topic. What are the advantages of present education system in India? The ability to get an education, to foster creativity and curiosity, to seek answers will allow mankind to continue to grow.

In the public examination the examiners are not known to the examinees. Most economists feel that the only panacea to the ills of the public schooling system is the voucher scheme. Advantages of Indian education With the advancement of education, India has seen a great development in the field of economy.

This should change to educate the person with important skills of reasoning, data analysis, logical interpretation and ability to present cogent arguments. China invests heavily in its students and universities. Schooling is mandatory for allchildren between 6 to 14 years of age.

Compulsory primary education was to be provided after 10 years of enforcement of constitution. To improve the quality of educationthe government needs to spend more money from its coffers on education.

This will enable students to forecast future implication based on past precedents or make a case as to why precedents are dated for current problems.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Examination System in India

Approximately, two third of the population is being crossed by the primary education. Examination exists and it exists in the same manner as it did half a century back in our country.Present Education System in India Advantages and Disadvantages.

Drawbacks of Education System in india

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Join over + Readers. Top GD participants for this month. The current Education system we have in India obviously has it’s own flaws and biases. It completely disregards the individuality of a child.

We all know not every child is born to be an engineer or an accountant or a doctor or some other white collared job. 1}It destroys the health competition between students 2}It doesnot help us in getting prepared for the 12th board exam Now there is on such post of Education Minister in India exists.

Education. What are the advantages of the present education system in India? the advantages of present education are: *helps in making say of kalam that India should be developed country by *helps us gain more knowledge and achieve something in life.

Education System of India: Its Functions, Drawbacks and Its Contribution; Education System of India: Its Functions, Drawbacks and Its Contribution.

What are The Merits and Demerits of Education System in India – English Essay For Students

The present day education system in India has come a long way and the age old traditions have undergone a makeover to produce an ecosystem that is evolving every single day.

Advantages Disadvantages of Indian Edu systems.

Who is the present Education Minister of India?

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This particular question strikes me every time when I read something about India’s.

Demerits of present education system in india
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