Essay on a day spent with a celebrity

She is very sweet and verrrry small. Time comes, the song starts, he gets into the crowd and makes a B-line right for mom and I! Behaviour seems to be the main issue or more correctly it should be that bad or poor behaviour is that issue.

I chatted a lot with Headley and Steinbrenner, and basically they were all very chill people. Each had a Room plus cash to gamble with. I was disappointed that the photo shoot was literally a handshake from the male performers and a hug from the female performers.

The hero worship that then follows is overwhelming and not every Celebrity Role Model can cope with that amount of adoration.


When I told Ken about my plan to bring a different friend to each thing he said no need to do that and told their manager to bring me 2 more laminates so that all 4 of us could come to the shows.

But he was really awesome and signed a t-shirt and took pics with me and my mom. I opened it to say hello and all that came out was a load of garbage! I have no idea how the Cubs did that day, but it was and they probably lost.

Eventually my mom told us to leave him alone and stop bringing out posters lol. We sprinted around to the back door and I stood there shaking like a leaf. I asked him how his friend was doing, his face lit up and said he was doing really well and was Essay on a day spent with a celebrity with them on tour.

Even obscure D list people or reality TV people. I ended up running over Bruce Willis. Martin Clunes came out first, and we got his autograph, but then the time came for Michael to come out.

He could take 5 total. We got to share stories about travel and we had 1 or 2 nerd questions for him.

If you could spend the day with ONE celebrity.

So one of my coworkers, who is fluent in Japanese, coaches me on how to say "Nice to meet you, my name is I went the next day and a group of around 6 of us got led to a back room in the venue and soon the band walked in, we got to spend an hour just hanging around talking, they signed a bunch of stuff for us and we all got a photo with them.

People give them shit, but they put on a good show. I started a small fan site for the band and the night before the concert I got an email telling me to turn up at X time and place and bring some sort of ID. We did the set up time with the band to play Blackjack Not the sort of behaviour that you would expect from a Celebrity Role Model.

The Day I Met The Celebrity Of My Dreams And Made A Complete Idiot Of Myself!

They just let the top three programmers go me included. He also did his part in persuading me to move back to NYC after graduation to start my career, which I wound up doing. He smiled and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. It gets to the point that people notice him squinting, in front of me people turn around to read it, behind me people tap on my shoulder for me to turn the phone around for them to read it.

At the time I had an app on my phone which allows you to flash or scroll words on the screen, so with the album I held it up flashing, "Hey Rick, Please sign? When this happens the celebrity then becomes a role model.

I won a radio concert to have a semi-private concert with Jason Mraz. Anyway, me and my family drove all the way from south Alabama to Greensboro, NC I believe cause my mom refused to fly and got to hang out backstage with him before the show.

I sat a foot away from him for about an hour and a half. It was a breakfast and he could bring one friend. My mother won tickets to a Rick Springfield concert here in Orlando a few years ago.

I remember sitting down next to a guy and watching him play Spider-Man 3 on PS3. He eventually went on to be the Governor for a short time, and it still really makes me happy thinking about that day.

In fact, it was a particular performance of his in a Broadway play that convinced me to go to college specifically for acting. I remember standing at the bar, just gazing at him. Met Tracy Morgan, Bruce Willis, man-handled all the equipment they would let me touch, and in the middle of it all Kevin says, "Hey, you wanna be in a movie?

Afterwards they let us into the main concert area before the opened the door so we all got to stand right at the front on the barrier. We were packed in there like sardines and sang the song and then promptly left so the media could actually see the game again.

There is a certain amount of responsibility that goes with being a Celebrity Role Model.Research has shown that celebrity endorsement can have an impact on the consumer’s attention, recall, evaluations and purchase intentions (Atkin and Block, ), Celebrity endorsement is a widely used tactic in marketing and much research as been done on.

Oct 31,  · Every body I know has a favorite celebrity. Whether you are a teen or older, you will remember that feeling when you saw him or her on TV or live on mint-body.coms: Celebrity culture essay belongs to a category of assignments connected to a discussion of social life and spreading gossips about famous people.

Apart from that, it serves as an excellent topic for professors of psychology, who want to check their students' knowledge. Celebrity Role Models. When an actor or sports personality becomes a celebrity, their life is no longer their own.

Every part of their life, what they are proud of and what they are not proud of, then belongs to. Sep 12,  · Have an awesome day!

Love, Tiffany Jo. Category Music; Mix - I Spent A Day with a CELEBRITY! YouTube; Foreigner talk about "Can´t Slow Down" their new studio album - Duration: In elementary school I was one of the winners of a competition to "Spend the day at the State House." Where we got to go tour the State House, and then spent four hours,one on one, with a state senator.

Essay on a day spent with a celebrity
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