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By Hanit Kaur September 10, Prime-time television in India is not really known for sensible content. Reality shows have both the good and the evil in them. Some serials are such that they develop both good and bad effective on human mind as those shows include a character who plays role like villan and another character who play a role of hero.

These reality shows give a platform to the ordinary individuals for showcasing their extraordinary talent. Do all middle-class Indians live in palaces? As the cut-throat competition is being seen in the media area, now the news channels resort to something and whatever they can possibly do to bring higher TRPs.

It has also made the ordinary people aware of the perils of addictions of alcohol and drugs. Women who wear western clothes or work for a living invariably have loose morals, or so these soap operas would have you believe. Paid News promotes institution, products, services etc.

In daily soaps every thing is not negative as there are some positive aspects also which can even help you in some way. They also teach us about how to cope with the after effects of any trauma.

The teens usually get harmed during the process.

10 things I hate about Indian soaps

In order to earn maximum revenue from viewers, till the Indian audience gets mature, the news channel will have a strong presence on the news channel. News Reader and Weekly Debate Anchor, who was also Newsreader in the weekend, was known as professional television journalists working for a particular channel.

But I find it hard to accept that millions of eyeballs are being exposed to such regressive programmes day after day. Here one more thing is their that if you watch such channels then you will be more curious to know different things and hence your mind will think more on that and it is some where possible that you will become intelligent.

The reality shows on the TV in real have nothing true. It all started with Big Brother and has taken on a whole new direction since. Maybe in the next season, they will all unveil themselves as the Cullens.

It has also brought out the hidden talents showcasing it to the world. Once a character is killed off, they may return to the show with a completely new face. The abusive shows have found their way in the reality shows since they are liked most by the viewers.

So this is a good effect on human mind. I would have thought that science had progressed enough to take care of that. Experts warn that fewer women will spark a demographic crisis in India which could lead to more crimes against women — as there would be fewer left to marry.

Reality shows are a blessing for many.

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Watching them, the audience also acts the same. The popularly known TRP is the target racing point for calculation purpose. In the past, news channels were concentrating on hourly news bulletins that included major political and other news events, humanitarian beneficial stories, sports and entertainment stories.

However, like every other thing, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. They are admired by the viewers and gain popularity in no time. Uncategorized Essay on positive and negative effects of reality tv shows Free words essay on positive and negative effects of reality tv shows for school and college students.

What is even more surprising is how easily Essay on indian daily soaps is made for any added member. It is beyond me how the son can look older than his mother and younger than his wife. In order to attain both of them in a short time, they give everything to get into one. Especially the soap operas.

Until a decade ago, the news channel was known for its news content, editorial standards, fairness and fair telecommunication degree. If you are watching channels like Discovery, National Geographic, etc then you will get good information and you will be informative. I can point out any single show it is understandable that which shows are good or which are bad for you.

Encouraging Donations and Social Welfare: The universal utility of the set: In the middle of the ever going daily soaps, reality shows have made their own space in the hearts of the viewers. You live in a huge mansion and you do not have locks on your bedroom door? If you are watching a program and let it be your favorite one then you can inspire from good characters and motivate yourself to do such works but doing the stunts without any supervision then it can be a big trouble for you.Serials/Daily soaps are divided on different sections and can be categorize in two ways.

One way is based on the age group such as kids, teenagers, adults, old age, family, etc and another way is the type of the show such as comedy, reality, emotional, educational, etc.

But now these channels have taken the form of entertainment channels, they are more concerned about celebrity's personal life, property of a politician, popularity of daily soaps, winners who show reality. Women and Soap-Operas: Popularity, Portrayal and Perception Dr.

Aaliya Ahmed Media Education Research Centre, Kashmir University, India the soap operas shown on Indian television. Soaps create a world dominated by interpersonal relationship, inseparable part of our daily lives. Find this Pin and more on Daily Soaps by indiaopines.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita: (Karma-yogam) { One who enjoys the things given to him by de. The soul is a subject of great mystery to some and of awe and wonder to the others. Free words essay on positive and negative effects of reality tv shows for school and college students. In the middle of the ever going daily soaps, reality shows have made their own space in the hearts of.

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Essay on indian daily soaps
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