Essays on heterogeneous firms in international economics

Three essays in international trade

When the exchange rate appreciates, existing exporters lose competitiveness abroad, and are forced to reduce their exports. Kehoe Federal Reserve Board. Florian Exler, Universitt Mannheim. Manuel Amador York University.

As poor countries grow, the trade barriers they face fall. This chapter finds that since learning and reputation building require time, predicted short run trade patterns can be quite different than those predicted in the long run. Exact equilibria do not generically exist in the resulting multidimensional discrete-choice fixed point problem.

I also offer a potential explanation for the apparent lack of sensitivity of exports to exchange rate fluctuations. Kehoe Kent State University. In sectors with a low elasticity of substitution, the extensive margin is highly sensitive to trade barriers, compared to the intensive margin, and the reverse holds true in sectors with a high elasticity.

The slower the exit of firms, the larger this overshooting phenomenon. Kehoe Banco de la Repblica de Colombia. This model also predicts that the price compression that accompanies trade opening may be dampened in the long run.

Understanding the tradeoffs inherent in the choice between competitive and discriminatory bond auctions in the presence of default are particularly pertinent for countries that have historically been vulnerable to sovereign debt crises. In chapter 3, I build a dynamic model of trade with heterogeneous firms which extends the work of Melitz Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

lex Prez Laborda, Universitat de Barcelona. Thesis or Dissertation Abstract This dissertation consists of three essays.

Kehoe University of Houston. Fabrizio Perri Ankara University. In standard models of sovereign default, the pricing protocol stipulates the existence of perfectly informed risk-neutral foreign creditors with flat demand curves that price bonds uniformly so they break even in expected value.

Richard Rogerson Cornell University. Fabrizio Perri Trinity University. Three essays in international trade Alternative Title: Kehoe Claremont Graduate University. Fabrizio Perri Universit Laval. I construct a model that rationalizes these zeros and allows bilateral relationships to form aggregate zero-to-one transitions following policy reform.

The second chapter develops a framework in which countries, depending on their income, potentially demand different sets of varieties as well as different quantities for a given variety using non-homothetic preferences which is in contrast to the standard framework with homothetic preferences. Lien Laureys, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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Jos Mara da Rocha, Universidade de Vigo. Some liquidity constrained firms start exporting.Columbia, the New York Federal Reserve and London School of Economics for helpful comments. The views 2Other international trade models incorporating heterogeneous firms include Bernard, Eaton, Comparative Advantage and Heterogeneous Firms.

Graduate Theses and Dissertations Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations Three essays on biofuel, environmental economics.

Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Marc J. Melitz and Stephen J. Redding NBER Working Paper No. December JEL No. F10,F12,F14 ABSTRACT This paper reviews the new approach to international trade based on firm heterogeneity in differentiated.

ESSAYS ON CROSS-BORDER MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS, TECHNOLOGY, AND FRICTIONAL COSTS by DONGHYUN LEE A DISSERTATION International Economics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Oregon, cross-border M&A with heterogeneous firms.

The model predicts that firms. Essays in international economics. Authors. Goksel, Turkmen l.

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Issue Date Type. Thesis or Dissertation. Abstract. This dissertation considers firms' optimal behavior while participating in international trade when firms are ex ante heterogeneous in terms of their productivity. The first chapter explains why a representative firm. Ruanjai Suwantaradon, “Essays on Financial Frictions and Heterogeneous Firms in International Economics,”supervisor: Timothy J.

Kehoe (Singapore Management University). Arilton Teixeira, “Effects of Trade Policy on Technology Adoption and Investment,”supervisor: Edward C. Prescott, co-supervisor: Timothy J. Kehoe.

Essays on heterogeneous firms in international economics
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