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Cruise Ship Illnesses Essay

But as of November 14, only had done so. Passengers can help to reduce the spread of infection once on the cruise by staying in their cabins if they do get sick, and by washing their hands frequently Sloan, While the majority of cruises are successful and no one gets sick, many people do think twice about traveling on a cruise ship when the ships make the news because hundreds of people took ill.

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For the majority of people, the fun vacation experience is exactly what they get. Would you recommend that Health Cruises hire On-a-Whim and why or why not? When the number of illnesses is compared to the number of people who took a cruise, it is easy to see that there really are not that many people getting sick on cruises each year.

Once people have been exposed to norovirus they have a little bit of immunity to it, but that is incomplete and they can get sick again. Despite the sickness, most people who were scheduled on the next cruise for those ships still boarded the ship as planned. Ninth report of the international committee on taxonomy of viruses.

Isom determined that many people were very concerned about developing good health habits, yet they seemed unable to break away from their old habits because of the pressures of day-to-day living.

Most people get through it without any serious effects, but being on a cruise ship can make for an uncomfortable time when a person is ill. There are exotic ports of call to explore, and plenty to do on the ship.

How much revenue would Health Cruises receive from each customer?

Health Cruises Homework Essay

If norovirus and related problems begin to happen too often, it is quite possible that cruise lines will start to lose money and not be able to operate as they do currently. Are cruise ships floating petri dishes? The Miami-based firm was conceived by Susan Isom, 30, a self-styled innovator and entrepreneur.

Then the Caribbean Princess, owned and operated by Princess Cruises, returned to Houston a day early because there were more than passengers sick with norovirus Sloan, Therefore, instead of losing enormous amount of fixed costs by cancelling this whole cruise, I believe Health Cruises should present its product regardless of its current financial status.

Still, people who already have medical conditions could end up getting very sick from norovirus, and it is possible to get dehydrated from the inability to keep liquids in the body.

When measured against the millions of people who take a cruise every year, though, the risk of contracting norovirus or a related disease on a cruise ship is very small. With that in mind, it is important that cruise lines make a strong effort to keep norovirus and related problems to a minimum.

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Mike essay alliance ne. Norovirus, the most common cause of cruise ship illness, is highly contagious in close quarters. On the recent cruises where large numbers of people were sickened, the ships returned to port, were cleaned, and went back out again with another group of passengers Sloan, People who read the paper need to understand the illness.

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Health cruises homework essay
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