Lack of education leads to inequality and poverty in united states and canada

Poverty and racism inextricably linked, says UN expert

The great American tax dodge: Among the families below the poverty line that had at least one family member working, low wages and insufficient benefits were also leading causes.

Second, the other nations spend a much greater proportion of their gross domestic product on social expenditures income support and social services such as child care subsidies and housing allowances than does the United States.

For now, we can list some of the major consequences of poverty and near-poverty in the United States. The lack of adequate housing for the poor remains a major national problem.

The economic make-up of a countries

Dynamics of economic well-being, — Current Population Report P70— In and71 percent of the families that were below the poverty line did not have any working family members.

Child poverty and inequality: Canada and the United States do not posses the realities of poverty as do other countries, inequality exists and the only way to eliminate inequality is to give everybody the same opportunity in education. These scholars concede a culture of poverty does exist, but they also say it exists because it helps the poor cope daily with the structural effects of being poor.

The stress of being poor is thought to be a major reason for these problems. Racial or ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by poverty; and the lack of education, adequate housing and health care transmits poverty from generation to generation, a United Nations rights expert has said.

Ten lessons for policy and practice. The economic plight of inner-city black males.

Lack of Education leads to Inequality Essay

Most of the Dalits live in rural areas, and are often excluded from services only available in urban areas. In Ecuador, chronic malnutrition is more than twice as high in indigenous as compared to non-indigenous communities. To compare with educated only 5.

People who attribute poverty to problems in the larger society are much more likely than those who attribute it to deficiencies among the poor to believe that the government should take such a role. When measuring inequality there are people in Canada and the United States, who are less monetarily fortunate than others.

For example, they are said to be impulsive and to live for the present rather than the future.The poverty rate among seniors in the United States is at 9 percent as of In the official poverty rate among the elderly was 35 percent.

The Netherlands offers a universal pension and leads the world with a percent poverty rate among the elderly. Sep 23,  · Education is today more critical than ever. College has become virtually a precondition for upward mobility.

Men with only a high school diploma earn about a fifth less than they did 35 years ago. In the United States, in% of persons of African descent were living in poverty, whereas only % of non-Hispanic whites were living in poverty.

In a similar trend, in Brazil, in47% of people of African descent were living below the poverty line, as opposed to 22% of those classified as white. If countries such as Canada and the United States centered more attention on education, people would become more equal and poverty would be eradicated.

In rich countries like the United States and Canada poverty should not be an absolute measure, not a relative measure, but rather a measure of inequality.

Lack of Education leads to Inequality. Poverty, as it is identified, in the grossly underdeveloped areas of Africa and other developing world countries cannot be compared in likeness to poverty situations faced by those in Canada and the United States.

Lack of Education Leads to Inequality and Poverty in United States and Canada PAGES 1.

Causes of poverty

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Lack of education leads to inequality and poverty in united states and canada
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