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In order to see why the case developed as it is, it is important to take a look at who the primary Malden mills essay and decisions makers were in the case.

Malden mills

The gamble to build a larger factory is what really caused problems for the company because it was never able to cover the cost of the plant when the Polartec business went downhill. However, Malden Mills only received million from the insurance company and the Polartec sales did not rise as Feuerstein had projected.

Part of the problem was personal because the company was located in a small town where a majority of the residents worked at the mill.

He knew that keeping his employees Malden mills essay the payroll could lead to a bad outcome for the business, but he felt like he owed it to his workers to keep them employed.

Other choices may have kept the plant from bankruptcy and given the employees more secure future. Feuerstein applies virtue ethics when he decides that he wants to do what is good and right for his employees.

Malden Mills - Essay Example

Malden Mills The case of the Malden Mills fire poses many important questions related to ethics. Feuerstein made this decision because he truly believed that his first responsibility as CEO was to go good by his workers even if that meant a possibility of failure. In this case, there are three main stakeholders.

In the end, Feuerstein had to decide if it was worth risking the future of his company to make sure that the workers he saw as family were paid as he tried to rebuild Malden Mills.

Feuerstein is not only trying to be good to his employees, he is trying to do what could end up being best for all of the stakeholders.

In the end, Feuerstein will be remembered by most people as a virtuous man who put his employees before making a profit. The two standards are virtue ethics and Utilitarianism. The answer to this question is both. Once these people have been identified, one must look at their ethical perspective and see why they would make the decision that they did.

A second important issue related to this case is what the ethical issues are. Because most of the people in the town worked there, the company had the feeling of a family business and the workers truly felt like family to Feuerstein.

This fits in with the virtuous idea of character traits that represent a good and meaningful life, which is what Feuerstein is trying to accomplish. In the end he paid the employees for longer than that and spent around 15 million dollars paying the employees while the new mill was being built.

Feuerstein did what he believed was right and ultimately it did not work out for Malden Mills. In this case, the answer seems to be no. Once these people have been identified, one must look at their ethical perspective and see why they would make the decision that they did.

He believed that people would be judged on how well they treated others and that he personally would be judged on the good that he brought to the world and not the money that his company made.Malden Mills - Case Study John Hagelberger 1.

List the Pro s and Con s of Feuerstein s decision to spend 25 million to pay his employees in the aftermath. Malden Mills was a factory located in Lawrence, Massachusetts that specialized in making a high tech fleece called Polartec.

Malden Mills

The company was relatively successful in its industry until the factory was destroyed by a fire in Free Essay: William M. Grissett Business ethics WK 4 Research paper Malden Mills Ethical question June 25, Aaron Feuerstein greeted the brisk New.

CASE ONE MALDEN MILLS Case one is to be done as a group case study. It is due by June 26, PM. Submit the completed case to the case assignment area in the module 2 folder.

The organization faced most precarious conditions like bankruptcy and encountered considerable amount of destruction caused due to the onset of fire. The jobs. Malden Mills, a privately-held company, worked with its lenders and strategic advisors and determined that a Chapter 11 filing was the best way to reorganize the company for continuing operations and for building on its unique position as a brand innovator.

Malden mills essay
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