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This facilitates the guiding and correction of employees with the object of improving their performance. This method is objective in appraisal and constructive in approach and eliminates bias.

The main defect of this method is that it demands more time than average. In the scale for each factor, one factor at a time, instead of comparing the man as whole.

Performance Appraisal&nbspTerm Paper

But this approach is subject to personal bias. This is attempted by forcing the rater to choose among descriptive statements. Performance appraisal data are also used to provide the criterion information that is used to select new candidates for the job.

Factors like initiative and personality of the employees are highly subjective. This is a continuous process for the supervisor. The essential feature of this approach is mutual establishment of job objectives and performance of employees is measured against those predetermined objectives. After establishing the scale the employee is compared with the man in the scale and certain score for each is awarded to him.

For example, although it is possible to collect data on the number of calls a technical support employee takes on a help line, this datum does not provide information on how difficult the problem was, how well it was solved, or how polite the employee was to the customer.

Eliminates the room for subjective judgement. This brings us to the second type of performance appraisal, which is conducted at pre-determined intervals and therefore is a regular affair.

Numerous researchers have addressed the effectiveness of performance appraisal in enhancing job performance, maintaining work ethic and measuring employee performance on the job.

Hence determining job responsibilities has multi-pronged importance. This method is the best provided the number of employees is very small and the work done is of quantitative nature. This research paper aims to conduct a study regarding the effectiveness of performance appraisals and the issues accompanying performance appraisals.

The incidents so collected are weighted and ranked in the order of frequency and importance. Therefore, many organizations develop rating scales based on job-related data and standards. This can give rise to many issues that make performance appraisals an unpleasant task.

No matter the method used, however, it is vital that the rating scales be anchored to objective, well-defined criteria of job success. The limitation of this method is the designing of a master scale for this purpose is a complicated affair.

The rater may feel that neither of the two statements in the pair is applicable but he must select the one that is more descriptive.

Performance appraisals need to be based on the tasks that are actually required to be performed on the job rather than on some general impression of the performance of the employee. Performance appraisals will suggest that employees tend to work harder when being evaluated, effective performance appraisals increase job performance and employees want performance appraisals conducted.

Goals or targets are set which are to be achieved at the end of the period by the subordinates. This is suitable for large organisations provided the interviewer is competent and supervisors co-operate with the interviewer.

A scale of man is also created for each factor putting the best at the lop and the worst at the bottom, the average man is in the middle of the scale, and one below the average and one above the average. The limitation of this method is the system is very costly to install, lengthy and time consuming as well.Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating an employee's performance and providing feedback.

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Only at". View this term paper on Performance Appraisal. This research paper aims to conduct a study regarding the effectiveness of performance appraisals and the issues.

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Performance Management There are many ways in which to rate an employee’s performances in an organization.

Performance appraisals are being used more and more in organizations throughout the world. Performance appraisals are periodic examinations of employee performance to.

Here is a compilation of term papers on ‘Performance Appraisal’ for class 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Performance Appraisal’ especially written. Compensation, Organizational Strategy and Performance Term Paper Outline Need an abstract Title: Performance Appraisal Methods Introduction: Companies and managers use a number of common appraisal methods to as-sess employee performance.

It is a developmental tool used for all round devolvement of the employee and the organization. The performance is measured against such fac .

Performance appraisal term paper
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