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In just a few easy steps, you can generate a serverless web application that lists your APIs on API Gateway in catalog form, and allows for developer signups. Architecture Background provides information about the software architecture. Lambda function Acts as a listener that subscribes to a particular SNS topic, which is useful when customers cancel or subscribe to an API.

The application has been integrated with Cognito User Pools, which makes Petstore documentation easy for you to sign up developers and manage their access. The architecture described here was Petstore documentation from the implementation artifacts of the Java Pet Store, as well as documents that describe the design.

When your customers subscribe to this usage plan, their requests are throttled at RPS, and they can each make onlyrequests per month. At this point, you have a complete serverless website ready. Use aws-api-gateway-developer-portal to generate a developer portal, and then set up and configure the portal Log in as a developer and verify the process of consuming an API.

The application uses a SAM Petstore documentation Application Model template to deploy its serverless resources, and is very easy to deploy and operate.

Mapping Between Views specify how elements in one view maps to elements in another view. This step creates all the resources that you need for the developer portal, after setting up the IAM roles that are needed for the operation of this application. You can change these limits at any time.

Documentation Roadmap and Overview provides information about this document and its intended audience. Each view describe a different structure of the system. It takes several minutes for CloudFormation to create the stack.

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Creates Cognito user pool and identity pool, and links them. Views constitute the most important part of the document. Glossary and Acronyms has definitions of technical terms used in the documentation that may not be familiar to all readers.

The application also needs to let developers test your APIs, and provide feedback to grow a successful developer ecosystem. You can use this developer portal implementation to either build your own from scratch, or use it to add functionality to your existing site.

Navigate to the Documentation tab to add missing documentation and make it easier for developers to understand your API. Skip the API Key screen, and add the Marketplace stage we created earlier Generate and configure a developer portal Now, generate a developer portal in order to list the usage plan that you created earlier.

Then in just a few easy steps, you used aws-api-gateway-developer-portalto spin up a developer portal on serverless architecture, ready to accept developer signups.

You can do this by hosting a developer portal: It explains the constraints and influences that led to the current architecture, and it describes the major architectural approaches that have been utilized in the architecture.

Navigate to the AWS CloudFormation console, and choose the Resources tab to see the full list of resources that have been created. Verify the process Test the end-user flow by signing up for access. This application needs no infrastructure management, scales out-of-the-box, and directly integrates with AWS Marketplace to help you monetize your APIs.

The core components that were created for your portal are listed below: Replace the contents of this file with your API definitions.

Generate Your Own API Gateway Developer Portal

The application is built using aws-serverless-expressan open source library that we published recently, that makes it incredibly easy to build serverless web applications using API Gateway and AWS Lambda.petstore-api.

This spec is mainly for testing Petstore server and contains fake endpoints, models. Please do not use this for any other purpose. Hi, I've seen Pet Store documentation, but it's very poor. Anybody know where can I read more about Pet Store with UML diagrams?

Thank's a lot. /store/inventory: get: summary: Returns pet inventories tags: store Optionally, you can specify description and externalDocs for each tag by using the global tags section on the root level. The tag names here should match those used in operations.

SwaggerHub The design and documentation platform for teams and individuals working with the OpenAPI Specification. Swagger Inspector Easily test and try out APIs right from your browser, and generate OpenAPI Specification definitions in seconds. Open Source. This is a sample server Petstore server.

You can find out more about Swagger at or on, this sample, you can use the. Documentation Roadmap and Overview Purpose and Scope of the SAD.

This wiki describes the architecture of the Java Pet Store v application, which is part of the BluePrints program by Sun Microsystems. The Pet Store is a J2EE application that contains Java source files (with over logical lines of code) and JSP .

Petstore documentation
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