Re branding sunsilk back into the uk hair market essay

It is great if the company is thinking about their brand image, but it would be better if they had considered that brand image from day one! Consumers should also try to know the characteristics of substandard products. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

If the company is well perfect in answering all these questions it can identify its brand image. Learning outcomes upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to: There is no doubt that counterfeits offers price advantage which attracts some consumers but this in turn has a great influence on the way consumers view luxury brands.

A brand, in the words of Stone and Desmond In other words, consumers who feel embarrassed when using counterfeits are less likely to be attracted to counterfeits. The theory is based on the assumption that human beings are able to reason when they carry out any action and make use of the information available to them in an orderly manner to carry out the action.

Learning outcomes after completing this chapter, you will be able to: On the other people that live in the highbrow areas might see the need to own an original luxury brand to show their social status and the counterfeit would not be an option for them when a purchase decision is made, because the people that reside in such vicinity might not include a counterfeit brand when they make purchases.

In essence, the individual performs behaviours based on what the significant people to the individual prescribe. Consumers know more about the brands they buy, and see more aspects of them and the context they operate in.

Nike is seen as a high profile example of a company that cares more about its brand image. In other words that individual has been deceived into a wrong purchase.

In simpler terms, a brand differentiates a company from other companies and has features that are in line with its target audience. Consumers who are more concerned with the shame of using fakes will be less willing to purchase them Vida, Counterfeit usually come in lower quality of the original because its manufacturers make use of inferior materials in the production.

Consumers require branding as it helps them differentiate a product from the thousands available in the market. Creative Print and Design. Some these counterfeits are made to look just exactly as the original while others are made to look similar to the original but carry the brand name as the original or a brand name that sounds similar the original.

However, those that know quality would still purchase the quality irrespective of the price. Davis when he says "Image and perception help drive value; without an image there is no perception".

Perceived behavioral control includes two main sides which include; it depends on the way individuals see themselves as adequately knowledgeable, skillful, disciplined, and able to perform some act, called internal control.

Such individual might attribute the lack of quality to the original brand itself leading to the loss of a potential customer Basheer and Loizides, Embedding critical thinking into teaching and learning contents of the overarching critical inquiries many of the k—12 grade level resources for social studies, available online at learnalbertaca, are organized around overarching critical.

Synthesizing frameworks of higher education student learning outcomes ross markle, meghan brenneman, teresa jackson, jeremy burrus, and steven robbins. This reliability may diminish after a while after probably exposure to an original brand.

Consumers like to look good so purchases of fashion good are made regularly. Most successful brands continually improve or update their products to remain competitive or to meet changed market requirements.

Although there are some consumers who do not know that they are purchasing a fake product but many consumers who purchase counterfeits know that it is fake and purchase the product just to feel among or just because it comes cheaper than the original and many more reasons.

Image retrieved from Crescitelli E. When a company is able to include quality in the production of its product it is assumed that they would make more profit than the company who does otherwise.

Original luxury brands would always make use real leather that would have irregular texture with subtle leather scent unlike the counterfeit that usually has a consistent pattern of pores that would have a strong chemical smell Patkar, The originators of original luxury brands limit the access to the brands just to create a scene whereby the consumers who cannot afford the expensive brand can envy the ones who can.

If this is true of past purchase of counterfeits, it means that consumers who buy counterfeits would remain loyal and might not have any interest in luxury brands which in turn has the tendency to affect their perception of the real brand. Your brand is what your customers think you are.

It should look like what a company is, what it feels, and smells like the company--it must be a reflection of the best traits. The International Trademark Association ITA provides several legal, technological and business steps to prevent counterfeiting.

This is no longer the case as consumers have abundant opportunities to purchase the counterfeit luxury brands since these brands can be easily found in local markets and high street shops scattered across most urban cities in the country Ergin, Counterfeits can help to advertise the luxury brand such that some counterfeit buyers can advance to the original product and others who have never bought counterfeit but has come across the brand as a result of the display of counterfeits become buyers of original brands Raustiala and Spirgman, It is evident that the influence could be both positive and negative but mostly more of negative.

Governments should not consider administrative enforcement to be sufficient to satisfy their obligations under Article 61 of the TRIPS Agreement to provide access to criminal enforcement in counterfeiting cases on a commercial scale, nor should administrative proceedings be considered as a substitute for criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights.

In other words, when consumers are fully aware of a particular brand they are more likely to purchase that brand instead of the brand they do not know about. Strong brands can generate customer trust, which is particularly important in e-commerce where there are often concerns over privacy and security.

It reveals that the act is behaviour and it is deliberate and planned.The preparation of this report is a sound example of teamwork.

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The experience is a valuable one because not only did the report increase our understanding and knowledge on the assigned topic, i.e. ‘SUNSILK & Its Branding Strategies’.

It also taught us important lessons of how to incorporate out 5/5(7). Free Essay: History of Sunsilk Shampoo Sunsilk was launched inin the UK, Sunsilk had quickly become Unilever’s leading international shampoo brand.

By. InSunsilk moved into the hair colourant market for Asian-type dark hair, offering a range of seven permanent colours from natural black to copper with purple, red and gold tints.

InSunsilk launched a new range of shampoos and conditioners, which were developed to meet women's hair needs and reflect the way women think about their. Re-branding aims to reach a wider market and increase market share.

The purpose of re-branding is to keep up to date with changing trends and diversify target markets and essentially make money and stay competitive (Berger et al., ). report tells us that how company selects their segmentation,targeting and positioning strategy for a specific product sunsilk report tells that what are the pricing,promotion, and packing strategy of sunsilk also mentions that what is the version of sunsilk shampoo launch into the market according to consumer need.

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Resolutions in re: “critical thinking” language (learning outcomes and rationale) resubmitted by the uepc senators have in hand the minutes of the uepc meeting, 14 march, all references to the minutes hereafter are references.

Re branding sunsilk back into the uk hair market essay
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