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Another alleyway of Marrakesh The dunes of the Sahara as far as the eye can see. There are no VIP sections and guests can freely roam the grounds. Arriving at a protected harbor, some small but nicely shaped waves were intermittently peeling down a well-defined bank.

Animals of Australia Written by Tasha on January 27, 11 Comments By the time we pick up our dollar-a-day Apollo camper vanRyan is chomping at the bit to put miles behind us and get out into the middle of the big, wild Australian Outback. I had no idea these guys were like tiny, adorable kangaroos.

The fortress of Ait Ben Haddou has seen better days, but it still looks Surfing photo essay of this world! The rooms are simple but complete with queen size beds, toiletries, hot shower, cable television, and air-conditioner.

I love how we could just sit on the sand with the moon and the stars above us.

From Sand to Surf A Moroccan Photo Essay

I need to cuddle some kangaroos. Seoul Surfers April 3rd, Share: Labor Weekend with Music, Food, and Surfing! Another door in Morocco. I get kangaroos and Ryan gets his picture taken…as a koala. The smoothies were perfect as a post-surf snack. For a hassle-free experience, make sure to pre-book online with Biyaheroes.

One session, a beefy older Korean guy wearing an expensive sealskin suit and riding a Meyerhoffer longboard politely called me off a steep wedge, as one might in California or Australia. About 15 times the size of me! They can help you with the proper stance, balancing, paddling, and catching your first wave!

It has 35 rooms complete with amenities, including a restaurant, bar, spa, surf school, and surf shop. For something healthy, I recommend the Makai bowls of Flotsam and Jetsam.

You know, the kind of small, unpretentious beach towns where time is irrelevant and a sunset beer is the on Off to pray at a mosque in Essaouira The souks of Marrakesh are another world Not a bad terrace to hang out at. Over three feet, Mother Nature takes control of the space politics, and the lineup clears out significantly.

Hungry surfers and sun worshipers can easily walk along the beach and on the parallel road, where lanes of restaurants offer a wide array of cuisines.

Photo Essay: St. Augustine, Florida

So many fish and so many strange fish! On a weekend, the lineup resembles a chaotic Korean marketplace with people and boards going every direction. Anyone know what kind of owl this Aussie relative of E. People trying it out for the first time may feel a bit awkward—but the trick is to let yourself go, feel the music, and dance Surfing photo essay socks off, no matter how silly you may look.

The fish market of Sidi Ifni was somethign to behold. Like this guy, who looks like someone glued a frog to his face. Proceeds from the non-profit event went to the conservation of the Pawikan and to helping the indigenous groups of Northern and Southern Cordillera known as the Kankanaeys.

Ryan looks at his watch, then looks at the camper van and sighs. Surfing the 38th Parallel, Photo Essay Series: The serving is good for one and best eaten while hot. A lamp store in a Marrakesh souk that looks like Aladdins Cave Why people eat snails is beyond me Fancy Riad in Marrakesh Morocco The hands of a local women in Morocco showing me how to crack an Argan nut.

We understood nothing, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. If we had room in our back packs we would have bought this lovely light fitting. We loved their food and then Morocco destroyed that love. Hamsa or the "Eye of Fatima" The power of mother nature is always astounding.

Retro style, dust proof, splash proof and teeny-tiny are all big ticks that make this camera hard to turn down.8 Inspiring Photos from TGR’s New Film Proximity. May 17, By: Teton Gravity The following photo essay further explores the themes that are examined in Proximity by showcasing these athletes in their produced electric surfing and one stimulating chess match.

If one photo sums up the meaning of Proximity it might be this shot. Your Surfing Photos. Surfers in the water were catching the last waves, or should I say the last light of the day, to surf.

Photo Essay: Animals of Australia

(This photo and caption were submitted to Your Shot.). Photos of surfing and life on Hawaii in the s. We hope this photo essay will give you a glimpse into what we saw of the Moroccan world, so you can open your eyes and minds to another way of life. Art/Photo.

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you're down! It's the joy of. For the third installment of Shannon Aston’s photo essay series Surfing the 38th Parallel, we learn about the uniqueness of this welcoming, although crowded, surf culture. Seoul Surfers. Lowering your expectations doesn’t always mean having a negative attitude; sometimes it protects against harsh realities.

Surfing photo essay
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