The life and literary career of thomas stearns eliot

It was in London that Eliot came under the influence of his contemporary Ezra Poundwho recognized his poetic genius at once, and assisted in the publication of his work in a number of magazines, most notably "The Love Song of J.

It was defeated by two votes, after Eliot reminded the students how much they owed American culture.

T.S. Eliot

In the academic year —10 he was an assistant in philosophy at Harvard. They were married at Hampstead Register Office on 26 June He developed a perfectly standard English accent. After the war, Eliot wrote no more major poetry, turning entirely to his plays and to literary essays, the most important of which revisited the French symbolists and the development of language in twentieth-century poetry.

The event marks an epoch in his poetic career.

T.S. Eliot: Life and Career (1888-1965)

In this poem, Eliot wrote, "The rats are underneath the piles. Two other essays, first published the year after The Sacred Wood, almost complete the Eliot critical canon: After a year in Paris, he returned to Harvard to pursue a doctorate in philosophy, but returned to Europe and settled in England in His poetry, aftercontinued to be religious, but not so obviously Christian as that of the earlier period.

The great essay on Dante appeared two years after Eliot was confirmed in the Church of England ; in that year he also became a British subject. Each has five sections.

European Tours Eliot graduated from Harvard inand prompted by his interest in the French symbolists, he went to France and spent a year at the Sorbonne University at Paris, studying widely in many contemporary writers.

In December a book Eliot found in the Harvard Union library changed his life: Much of it was a collaborative effort; Eliot accepted credit only for the authorship of one scene and the choruses. It has little in common with either his English or American contemporaries, though it is closer, if anything, to the American writers, especially to Ezra Pound.

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Inhe joined the new publishing firm, Faber and Faber, of which he soon became the director, and worked in that capacity till the end of his days. Like his brother Henry before him, Eliot lived his freshman year in a fashionable private dormitory in a posh neighborhood around Mt.

Critical opinion is divided as to whether the narrator leaves his residence during the course of the narration.

The wholeness is there, from the very beginning. Although Eliot did not finish the play, he did publish two scenes from the piece.

From wrong to wrong the exasperated spirit Proceeds, unless restored by that refining fire Where you must move in measure, like a dancer. In regard to "The Waste Land", Wilson admits its flaws "its lack of structural unity"but concluded, "I doubt whether there is a single other poem of equal length by a contemporary American which displays so high and so varied a mastery of English verse.

He did not hesitate to discuss policies or personalities, but he condemned idle gossip. After Vivien died in JanuaryEliot led a protected life as a flatmate of the critic John Hayward. Martin Browne for the production of The Rock, and later commissioned Eliot to write another play for the Canterbury Festival in However, the very next year he undertook another trip to Germany to continue his philosophical studies there.

In a lecture he said "Every poet would like, I fancy, to be able to think that he had some direct social utility. John A Garraty and Mark C. Despite moving away from the city, Eliot wrote to a friend that the "Missouri and the Mississippi have made a deeper impression on me than any other part of the world.

In the disfigured street He left me, with a kind of valediction, And faded on the blowing of the horn. A Study in Character and Style A Very Short Biography of T. S.

T. S. Eliot

Eliot. Early Life. Thomas Stearns Eliot was born on 26 September in St Louis, Missouri. Poetry Career. After spells of study at Harvard and then at Oxford, Eliot became part of the London literary scene, following a meeting with Ezra Pound in Thomas Stearns Eliot 26 September St.

Louis, Missouri, U.S. Died: 4 Late in his career, Eliot focused much of his creative energy on writing for the theatre; some of his earlier critical writing, T. S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism, and Literary Form ().

Thomas Stearns Eliot was born on September 26,in St. Louis, Missouri. His celebrated statement of his allegiances in For Lancelot Andrewes—“classicist in literature, royalist in. Thomas Stearns Eliot.

Cite This Page; and the rest of his literary career would be shaped by all three. After graduating, Eliot served as a philosophy assistant at Harvard for a year, and then Born: Sep 26, Dec 08,  · T.S.

Eliot: Life and Career () The Invisible Poet Thomas Stearns Eliot enjoyed a long life span of more than seventy-five years, and his period of active literary production extended over a period of forty-five years.

Thomas Stearns Eliot was the most influentional poet of his time. His poems and critical essays changed the way people thought. Widely knowledgeable, he used all that knowledge to fuel some of his greatest works and this is a piece of his life.

The life and literary career of thomas stearns eliot
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