This semester has been incredible

So I just decided to stay on board. My time on board the ship has had many moments that are reminiscent to those at Cottey, as community is a major aspect of life on deck.

I therefore wanted to sum up some of the travelling I have done during my semester. To say that I was excited is an understatement! We had originally planned on taking a taxi into town, but then we decided we would just walk to get away from everyone.

Here are some pictures from the day. When I was at school this fall, I was constantly reminded how much the students care for one another. We started off by first learning how to play the gankogui, which is the bell that sets the basic rhythm for percussion music.

So, now, I plan to make the most of the last couple weeks of my expedition, rather than mourning that it is nearly over. When I went, we hired a car for two days which was surprisingly cheap!!

However, great views from the sky bridge, and waterfalls taken straight out of a travelling brochure definitely makes Langkawi a place worth visiting.

My Semester at Sea

We were told beforehand that we would have an opportunity to purchase a drum if we wanted to. And this is definitely NOT normal.

My Semester @ ANU (by Alberto Favero)

Skip to entry content Hey guys! Nevertheless, I had time to do a lot of amazing things here and to visit a lot of different places!

Going into Semester at Sea, I had no idea what to expect. Here is a post about Ghana! I have so far undertaken two longer trips, to Myanmar and Nepal, and a few shorter ones, the most noteworthy ones being to Malaysia and Thailand. In addition to the nature aspect, trekking the mountains offered a significant cultural one.

Lake Burley Griffin at night… …and during the day. During this semester, I have also had the chance to travel.

We have our unique traditions, new friendships, and memories to last a lifetime.“Participating in a second semester has been an incredible growth opportunity for me. My first semester was amazing and I learned a lot.

Semester at Sea 9

I think, however, that it took me a full semester to totally adapt to Up with People’s lifestyle. If you are interested in participating in the Semester in Practice, attend an information session and email [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

"This semester has been an incredible. Thanks For An Incredible Semester, UD As I gear up to tear up saying goodbye to first semester, here are some things I am thankful for.

It has been a blast studying, crying, and learning with you, so thank you. Oh, and thanks for sitting next to me in class even when I drop all my books and make a scene.

I’m an embarrassing klutz, so. Here we are at Imperial College Business School’s Career Fair promoting the club and upcoming events! The next highlight of the MBA in my first semester has to be the cohort.

What an incredible semester it has been..

There has been no shortage of social events, birthday drinks, nights out, sports events, festivals and everything else in between. This will more than likely end at an end of semester transfer after the relationship has been tested for a month or two in college life.

So if you want to really enjoy your freshman year, make your own decisions and do what is best for you. In that regards, it has not let me down (even though I probably could have travelled even more). Throughout the semester I have seen a lot, including incredible architecture, nature and festivals.

However, what has really made the .

This semester has been incredible
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