Would you give up your cell

would you give up your cell phone?

New study completed-"top users of cell phones had a doubled risk of malignant tumors of the brain" "This thirteen country report found what every study that has ever examined people who have used phones for a decades or more has determined-- top users of cell phones had a doubled risk of malignant tumors of the brain.

Avoid directly exposing the "hearing system" and brain to electromagnetic radiation by using a regular "landline" in preference to a hand-held mobile or cordless phone; When requiring to use a mobile phone, increase the physical distance between the device and the side of the head by using its "speaker phone" mode with at least 20 cm separation or "in-vehicle hands-free" mode; Avoid converting the head into a mobile antenna by minimising the use of current Bluetooth devices and unshielded wired-earphones for mobile phones; Minimise the time spent using mobile and cellular phones for all adults; Restrict the use of mobile and cellular phones by children to emergency situations.

What right do they have to disturb everyone for the sake of their call? For my family it was the cell phones. Have you ever thought about all the reasons you should give up your cell phone? The salesperson holds up one finger in the universal "wait a minute" language.

Plus, you can write it off on your taxes. Have you heard that bees are disappearing? Source 4 Cell Phones are Environmental Hazards Many people may not realize that cell phones are considered hazardous waste.

Sooner or later you realize, they are just not picking up on your calls. I am sure everyone has seen the driver with the cell phone who forgets to see the light change or who happens to drift into your lane. Thinking you hit the wrong speed dial number you try again. They will take any and all makes, models and conditions of cell phones.

Some are humorous, others are deadly serious. They call to say they are going to the park. The Looks You Will Get! We can talk, text, e-mail, send pictures or short videos to everyone and anyone from any place.

You finally find a salesperson, only to see them on their cell phone. I was under the impression our country cared about being pro-active in health care.


Teens are 4 times more likely than adults to have an accident or near-miss because of cell phone usage. You put up a different finger and walk out.

We can use them in case of emergency, for example when our cars break down. In Belgium, phones designed for children under 7 are banned. They will try to get you started again, no matter the cost. Here are the recommendations quoted straight from the paper:If you would like to leave your cell phone with our receptionist, we will give you 5 percent off your bill tonight.” Diners may either leave their.

My decision to give up my cell phone is not based in self-denial or even exclusively in cell-phone-related environmental or health concerns. No, sadly enough, my decision to give up that devoted devil (or angel, depending on your point of view) on my shoulder has more to do with quality of life than anything else.

Which would you rather give up for a week: sex or your cell phone? One would think that a cell phone pales in comparison to sex, but according to a survey from Telenav, a mobile applications company, it doesn't.

Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone? Me neither. I have my life in that little black box: appointments, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, e-mail, grocery list. This is more than say it would be very hard to give up the internet (45%), television (43%), a landline phone (40%) or email (37%).

But that doesn’t mean everyone is in love with their mobile phones: Attitudes toward cell phones are closely related to how you feel generally about mobile technology. May 08,  · If you have a The internet, Cell phone, Nintendo Wii, DVD rentals, eat out all the time, YOU AINT POOR, so dont whine and complain about the "Haves" and "Have nots".

I grew up poor, but didnt even know mint-body.com: Resolved.

Would you give up your cell
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