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He shows his team concern and is self-sacrificing even when he placed himself at risk to be able to have the Turbo Rugger completed. The reason from this was that Zimba was originally a man who fought a powerful army to win the heart of a princess he loved.

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The motorcycles for each ranger, numbers 01 and He was killed when he tried to perform an assault on the Turbo Builder via fighter jets. He loves to hate, a sadistic madman who takes pleasure in human suffering, especially when it comes to love.

She has a younger sister named Mika who studies martial arts. The various attack formations utilized by all five Turborangers and their respective weapons. The first ordinary human being who is able to break the seal of the Violent Demon Beast.

It was first used to destroy the mighty Super Violent Demon Beast. Dazai get the parts to complete the Turbo Rugger. A cheat who does anything to win; weak willed, always sucking up to superiors.

Turborangers use their Turbo Lasers to form a plasma ball to kill the opponent. He was the last of the original four bad guys serving Lagorn to be killed. He is a gymnast and almost behaves like a feral child.

In the end, she does not tell her sister about Turborangers and let her find out about it herself. The combination of the Turbo Robo and the Turbo Rugger into a powerful robot.

An alternate vehicle for Red Turbo when not using Mach Turbo 1. As Tsukikage, was an outcast in school who secretly loved Riki. She lives in a small, reconstructed doll house made for her by Dr. He bade farewell to Jarmin with a slashed bell who was sad to see him leave worrying he may never return.

A patient track star who is also a good student giving him the fame of "Running Brain" which is in contrast to Riki. Its top speed is kilometers per hour. A cold-hearten magician whose face becomes serpentine whenever angered, motivated to attack humans out of envy and spite while using a whip as her weapon in battle.

A brave high school baseball team captain. He is in love with Jarmin as well but denies it at times. She is the little sister of Misa. In the finale, she manages to save Yamimaru and left to live a peaceful life with him, as Sayoko and Hikaru.

She teamed with Dr. A movie was released at the Toei Manga Festival on March 18, which was the same day episode 4 aired. Dazai to stop the Tribes. When the command "Transformation Shift!

It uses the Wire Grappler. A sport utility vehicle driven by Blue Turbo. He defeated Jarmin in battle after helping Dr.

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Ward Radcliffe

The left bracelet with a turbine activates the transformation, while the right bracelet is a communicator. It is formed when the command "Combine! He left the task of restoring peace to the future of the Earth to the Turborangers before dying and becoming a constellation to watch over them.

Turborangers The five rangers are all high school students. The size of the Turbo Robo and the Turbo Rugger increase so much in the combination that it cannot walk, though it can move its arms.

He faces the Turborangers as a giant in the finale in which he is destroyed for good by the Super Turbo Robo. A weapon later added and used to defeat more powerful Bouma, but was not used on any of the troopers. It is stored to the left of the Turbo Truck and the right of the Turbo Jeep.

The downside was that whatever happened to her monster also happened to her. A giant robot formed from five automobiles by the command "Combine Shift!

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Wounded warrior project bracelet
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