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Dillard is trying to show us that we do not have enough compassion for our fellow human beings. It may seem that Dillard pulled these different facts randomly, but it is just that that represents who we are.

We humans drink tea- over a billion cups a day.

After giving us overwhelming numbers and statistics, Dillard then questions us often. China has many people. At dinner I mentioned this to my daughter, who was then seven years old that it was hard to imaginepeople drowning.

By demonstrating the fact that most people simply went about their day when, or even if, they heard about this tragedy, she exemplifies the fact that most of us were unfazed by this news and compassion for these victims was completely nonexistent. Dillard also contrasts to help give the reader a different viewpoint.

Is this type of thinking from the best of sources? Comparisons are another big theme in the essay and to which Dillard uses very effectively.

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In our galaxy, the Milky Way, there are sixty-nine suns for each one of us alive… These astronomers are nickel-and-diming us to death. Where were you when you first heard the astounding heartbreaking news?

And Dillard gives us plenty of statistical reasons for this as well. More than 2 percent of us are mentally retarded.

Analysis of “The Wreck of Time” by Annie Dillard

Quotations are used frequently in the essay, mainly to help jolt the readers mind into thinking about the opposite point of view. But by using this unique style, Dillard puts the focus and thinking in the hands of the reader. What, seriatim, were your sensations?

The essay has no clear thesis statement, lacks transitions between paragraphs and provides no obvious connection between its various subsections. In another example, Dillard presents a quote from her own daughter showing that we simply do not feel remorseful when a tragedy affects people we are not losely related to.

The deaths of ten or twenty million is nothing to be afraid of. If this does not astound you, what will? There are nine galaxies for each of us.

We care no more for a person or a group of people we do not know that pass away than we do when waves crash on the beach and disappear.

Someday, maybe, these numbers will have true meaning to us. Stalin starved 7 million Ukrainians in one year, Pol Pot killed 1 million Cambodians, the flu epidemic of killed 21 or 22 million people… shall this go on?

Ten years ago we thought there were two galaxies for each of us alive. Without compassion for one another, statistics remain statistics and we lose what makes us human. Her questions are meant to think about how we isolate ourselves and simply disregard the suffering of others.Analysis of "The Wreck of Time" by Annie Dillard Essays: OverAnalysis of "The Wreck of Time" by Annie Dillard Essays, Analysis of "The Wreck of Time" by Annie Dillard Term Papers, Analysis of "The Wreck of Time" by Annie Dillard Research Paper, Book Reports.

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The unpredictability and grimness of it are conveyed well in Karl Shapiro's poem, "Auto Wreck". Annie Dillard's "The Wreck of Time" is a unique piece of writing. The essay has no clear thesis statement, lacks transitions between paragraphs and provides no obvious connection between its.

Poetry Essay: "Storm Warnings" & "Diving into the Wreck" In "Storm Warnings," and "Diving into the Wreck," by Adrienne Rich, both have the same idea of creating a place of sanction and comfort.

The main lesson to learn from both of these poems is that one must create a place of sanctuary, where one can go back and look back on the past, and finally they learn to move on rather than to try fighting it.

In her essay, “The Wreck of Time,” Annie Dillard explains the significance of an individual and how a person determines the significance of the self. Dillard analyzes the points where the human race becomes insignificant and the importance of the population becomes questionable throughout the.

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